PPE & Hand Sanitizer

PPE and hand sanitizer is available at the ToolBank and can be distributed to anyone within your organization (staff, volunteers, guests, clients). There are two masks options: reusable cloth face coverings and disposable surgical type masks; various sized nitrile gloves; face shields; and hand sanitizer (8oz and 1gal bottles) available.

COVID-19 Updated Policies & Procedures

The Atlanta ToolBank is committed to the safety, health and welfare of our staff, volunteers and members at all times. In response to the changing conditions caused by the COVID Delta variant, and in accordance with the City of Atlanta Mask Mandate, we are requiring all visitors to wear a mask or a cloth face covering over their nose and mouth when inside of facilities. Visitors will also be required to check their temperature using a non-contact thermometer before entering.

We continue to take serious measures to do our part to flatten the curve of transmission of COVID-19. In response to questions we’ve received from partners and stakeholders, here are vital details of our comprehensive precautions:

  • Tool Lending

    • The ToolBank is open for regular lending by appointment only. For more information about how you can borrow tools, please visit our Tool Lending Page
    • We are working with our networks of health professionals, first responders and critical service partners to provide tables, chairs, tents, plexiglass barriers, and other event supplies and equipment for vaccine distribution and education, COVID testing sites, and mobile food distribution.
    • We are working with community gardeners, urban farmers, and individuals to ensure they have the tools and equipment necessary to continue growing fresh local food for our community.
    • If any organization providing COVID-19 response and recovery efforts, or local growers need our equipment, we are here for them. Please spread the word and have organizations e-mail us at atlanta@toolbank.org to arrange details if they need a resource we can provide.
  • Personal Protective Equipment

    • We are providing FREE PPE to charitable organizations. To request PPE and / or hand sanitizer, please visit our PPE Distribution Page.
    • Active Member Agencies can also add washable fabric face mask’s to their tool orders. These masks are free for volunteers and can be kept after your project.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection

    • All tools issued are disinfected before you pick them up.
    • Active member agencies can borrow electrostatic sprayers to disinfect tools and equipment borrowed for extended periods. Users should follow CDC recommended safety precautions when using sprayers.
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at all pedestrian entrances to the ToolBank.
  • Restricted access to our facility

    • As a normal practice, all visitation to the ToolBank is by appointment only. This will continue to be the case during times of heightened precaution, but additionally the front entrance and side gate will be locked at all times and only those individuals with appointments pre-approved by ToolBank staff will be allowed in the waiting or loading areas to limit the number of visitors to our facility.

We continue to closely monitor the situation and adhere to best practices as put forward by trusted city officials and the CDC. As such, more modifications to our standard operations may be forthcoming. It is essential that we balance our availability for partners with the safety of all stakeholders of the Atlanta ToolBank.

NOTICE OF LIABILITY: Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering our premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering our premises.

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