New roofs. Playgrounds. Parks. Community centers. Urban farms. Community gardens. You name it, our tools and equipment in the hands of dedicated citizens have been there. Millions worth of lending tools have changed the face of our beloved communities and touched the lives of thousands of people. For 33 years, we’ve been at the very heart of positive and profound change. ToolBank tools have directly impacted the lives of children, teens, adults, seniors and veterans and their families.

Last year alone we were able to save our member agencies millions in purchasing, using, maintaining and storing tools, giving them the opportunity to accomplish more for pennies on the dollar. They equipped 33,829 volunteers, who performed 184,416 hours of community service at a cost of only $1.74 per volunteer. Through our Tool Training Center, we were able to provide education and resources to at-risk youth and young adults. Over 700 kids learned the fundamentals of proper tool use through fun, interactive, project-based learning through our virtual ToolLABkids series. Our Summer Youth Series inspired an appreciation for tools, their uses and career possibilities in the trades industry to over 200 young adults.

Passion and commitment have driven every move we’ve made and road we have taken. It’s been an amazing ride and we can’t wait to see where the future takes us. We know we couldn’t do what we do for our communities without the incredible support from you, our most stalwart advocate. Your generosity has given us the opportunity to empower the big plans of our fellow charitable organizations.

We ask for your continued generosity to help us continue living our mission and creating impactful change. Please consider making a 100% tax deductible donation today by clicking the link below.